Star racing yachts

Star class racing yachts appeared at the dawn of the 20th century and, until recently, have invariably been among the participants in the Olympic Games.
“Star” (in the original – “Star”) – a small racing keel yacht-monotype, providing for the management of a crew of 2 people. The history of this class of yachts dates back more than a hundred years, and its name invariably evokes associations with truly stellar success in the world arena of sailing.

The origin and formation of the Star class yacht class is inextricably linked with the names of three American yachtsmen – Kurri, Gardner and Elder. To be more precise, it all started with the desire of Kurri, who was keen on sailing, to make sailing races more accessible to the general public. And the first step towards the realization of this dream was the creation in 1906 by William Gardner of a small keel boat “Kid” – the predecessor of the future “Star”.
After a couple of years of walking on such a boat, it was decided that it was necessary to slightly increase its initial length for the convenience of managing it. The basic shape of the hull was preserved, while the size of the boat was increased. And so the Star-class yacht was born, the first race of which took place already at the end of May 1911. This year is considered the birth date of a new class of racing yachts.

The new yacht was in high demand, and in the first year alone 22 “Star” were launched, and by 1922 there were already more than a hundred boats of this class in American yacht clubs. In 1922, the U.S. championship in this class of yachts was held, and a year later the first competitions of the international format took place.

Star class yachts are a strict monotype requiring perfect compliance with established rules. The maximum permissible length of the yacht is 6.9 m with a hull width of 1.7 m, and draft is 1 m. The total area of sailing weapons is 26.5 sq.m. In this case, the installation of a spinnaker on the “Star” is not provided.
Initially, this boat was a hafer sloop, which in 1921 was converted to Bermuda. The size of each sail is strictly fixed in the rules and cannot be replaced by another.

At the same time, the sails can be sewn from any fabric and do not have a weight limit, and the rules do not limit the steering yacht in the sailing weapon settings in its own way to ensure the maximum running characteristics of the vessel. A small Star-class yacht is designed in such a way that it can easily successfully compete with any large keel yacht, overloaded with sailing weapons.

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