Flagship Sailboat Elan Yacht by Studio F.A. Porsche will present in Dusseldorf

Slovenian shipyard Elan plans to unveil its new 14.9-meter flagship GT6 at the boot Düsseldorf exhibition in January. The boat is being created in collaboration with Studio F.A. Porsche will be inspired by the aerodynamics of sports cars.

What happens when Studio F.A. Porsche, the “daughter” of Porsche Design, takes on the design of yachts, we could already see the 35.5-meter Dynamiq GTT115 Hybrid, the first of which was launched in 2017. But it was a motor yacht. The motor was also the 8.4-meter Fearless Porsche 28, created in 2007 in collaboration with the main studio Porsche Design.

Elan also produces sailboats, which, by definition, are created by completely different canons. And they Studio F.A. Porsche has never been involved before. So, it seems that the shipyard’s statement that its new flagship, created in such an unusual tandem, will be a revision of the concept of a modern sailing performance cruiser, not an empty bragging.

Another support when trying to imagine what GT6 will be like for us should be the previous Elan model – the 13.2-meter GT5. Despite the application for revolution, the new sailboat will still be an evolution of the line, and not a completely independent project. In particular, the creation of GT6, as in the case of GT5, will be related to the studio Humphreys Yacht Design. She was noted, for example, by participating in the creation of the 18-meter “pocket” superyacht Oyster 565 launched this year.

It is already known that the GT6 will be optimized for high-speed offshore navigation of medium range. At the same time, the sailboat will simply be controlled, and during cruise travel, everyone on board will enjoy the feeling of living in luxury.


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