First three hulls set for summer launches

Bass Harbor, Maine: Morris Yachts has teamed up with the venerable firm of Sparkman & Stephens to produce the M36 Daysailer. The M36 mixes classic looks and performance. The boat is designed to be simple to handle, making it easy to go out for just an hour, yet big enough to accommodate family and friends for the day. A timeless sheer and long graceful overhangs give the M36 a distinct look that will turn heads. Its traditional appearance may be highlighted with teak decks and varnished teak cladding.

The collaboration between the two firms started back in 2001 when Morris Yachts was hired to restore a 32-foot Sparkman & Stephens design named STORMY for a Sparkman & Stephens Rendezvous at Mystic Seaport. STORMY, originally named POPPY, Sparkman & Stephens Design No. 1765, was built in 1965 by Molish in Denmark for Madison Haythe of Greenwich, Connecticut. She is mahogany planked over laminated oak frames and is bright finished throughout. The restored STORMY was the standout of the rendezvous. As a result of all the interest in STORMY at Mystic, Sparkman & Stephens started to sketch out a new daysailer with styling derived from STORMY. When Morris Yachts saw this new design, a partnership was formed and the M36 was born.

“This boat will be perfect for those who love to sail but find that time or a crew is not always available,” said Cuyler Morris. “We also believe that this will be a wonderful first boat for those entering the pastime of sailing.”

One of the first hulls is going to an amateur racecar driver who plans to sail the boat on Lake Tahoe. An experienced sailor, he chose the M36 for its ease of use and beauty. His custom truck and trailer will pick the boat up in Bass Harbor in July and truck it across country. The second hull will be heading to its home in Canada. Morris plans for the third hull to be used as a company boat for demos this summer and to tour the fall boat show season. One of the highlights of the summer will be the debut of the M36 at the 75th Anniversary Celebration of Sparkman & Stephens, July 9-11 at the Mystic Seaport Museum.

The attraction to this boat is two fold – it is traditional in looks but modern in performance. The hull and appendages are designed and built for fast and nimble performance. The keel has a high aspect ratio fin and a bulb for maximum stability and minimum drag. A carbon mast and a carbon spade rudder provide further performance advantages. Upwind and off-wind, the M36 will not disappoint.

Yachts Introduces the M36