Dutch shipyard Holterman Shipyard introduced a new motor yacht X-Treme X-105

The motor yacht X-Treme X-105 is made of steel and aluminum. It was created by the architectural bureau Diana Yacht Design, the exterior was designed by Bernd Weel, and the interior was Trimm Design.
The concept of the X-Treme X-105 motor yacht is based on the idea of ​​ensuring smooth integration of internal and external spaces, which will create convenience and comfort for the owner and his guests on exciting sea trips.

In the bow of the main deck are the owner’s apartments with a panoramic view. They include a spacious sleeping area, a mini-office, a dressing room and a separate bathroom.

In the central part of the main deck there is a spacious lounge with a comfortable sitting area with comfortable sofas, a dining area, a galley with a bar. In its aft part there is an open area with a solarium, tents, a swimming pool and comfortable sofas. If necessary, the middle part of the open zone, together with the pool, is transformed into a special pool open at sea for entering the RIB tender into it for the convenience of passengers landing.

The control post is located on the upper deck, above the owner’s cabin. It is fully equipped with all the information equipment and controls of the yacht.
For the entertainment of guests, behind the control post, there is a comfortable lounge with comfortable sofas, a mini-galley, a dining area on the upper deck. The salon smoothly transforms into an open solarium with sun loungers and a minibar.

The open layout of the upper deck allows the captain to effectively manage the yacht and have convenient communication with guests in the cabin.

Four double cabins (two VIP cabins and 2 cabins with twin beds) located on the lower deck are provided for guests. Each cabin is equipped with a separate bathroom.

The crew area is also located on the lower deck. It consists of the captain’s cabin and two double cabins, one of which is bunk. For the crew there is an autonomous salon with a dining area and separate bathrooms.

At the stern of the motor yacht X-Treme X-105 is a beach club.
In the middle part of the building, in the middle, there is a special garage for placing equipment for entertainment on the water, including water skiing and a RIB of up to 3.45 meters in length.

The X-Treme X-105 motor yacht will be equipped with the latest technical equipment, including CMC Marine Argo, an ultra-compact 4 Waveless STAB electric motion stabilizer and Directa 120 steering system.

Equipped with two Volvo D16MH engines with a capacity of 551 kW each, the X-105 can reach a maximum speed of 15 knots, with a cruise speed of 10 knots. Moreover, it is expected that its autonomy will be 2,400 nautical miles.

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