Dragon Racing Yachts

“Dragon” – a class of sailing racing yachts, which arose at the dawn of the 20th century and still has not lost its relevance. Since 1972 these boats have lost the status of the Olympic class, but still retained their special prestige and popularity among the true connoisseurs of classic racing yachts.

The project of the classic “Dragon” was developed by the Norwegian Johan Anker taking into account the peculiarities of walking in the coastal waters of Norway, known for its many fjords and skerries. Anker was not only a talented designer, but also an experienced yachtsman, who repeatedly won the regattas, and in 1912 won the gold medal at the Olympic Games in Sweden.

Knowing full well what true racing enthusiasts needed, the Norwegian in all his projects took into account all the nuances that designers who could not have sailing experience behind them could take into account. Anker designed his first yacht back in 1906, subsequently becoming one of the founders of the Anker and Jensen shipyard, the main focus of which was the creation of small high-speed sailing yachts.

When at the end of the 20s of the 20th century the Royal Yacht Club in Gothenburg announced a competition for the creation of a small (and most importantly – budget) youth yacht-monotype, Anker proposed his project “Dragon” – a safe keel yacht that can accommodate up to 3 people and even providing for the presence of a double cabin. And already in 1928, the first “Dragon” was created at the Anker & Jensen shipyard – a new class racing yacht, which is a monotype with a characteristic cigar-like hull and an elegant canopy over the wheelhouse.

“Dragon” is one of the most numerous classes of keel monotype yachts, which is the most striking association with the classic look of sailing racing yachts. In the world there are more than 2.5 thousand yachts of this class, more than 600 of which are in the countries of the former USSR and about 400 in Germany. A fairly solid fleet of “Dragons” is in their homeland, as well as in Denmark, France, Switzerland and Australia. Among the most famous manufacturers can be noted shipyards “Boresen” and “Petersen.”

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