Charter Downeast

Our charter boats, Aria, Piper, Marie, Ceilidh, and Repartee, have
spent the winter receiving their yearly maintenance program along
with various upgrades; each boat is privately owned and meticulously maintained. Our charter fleet departs from our Bass Harbor service yard where, no matter which direction you sail, you’ll encounter breath-taking sights.

Local islands, granite shorelines, and sandy beaches offer hours of exploration and relaxation. And you can’t beat Maine seafood, fresh offthe boat. Call Karen for your vacation reservation.

Keeping the boats clean from the time they leave the water in the fall until the day they are picked up at the beginning of the sailing season is often a challenge. The boats often appear “clean” at the time that they are dropped off. However, to the trained eye, salt deposits on the deck and topsides, tarnished hardware and port light streaks, gray film from the atmosphere, and water stains on the boot stripe stand out once the boat is hauled. After the bottom of the boats receive a quick power wash to remove the layer of slime that has developed over the summer season, the exterior is throughlywashed with soap and water, before being moved to storage.

This is to remove any dirt and salt that would keep the surface damp over the winter, attracting more dirt and dust. Any mildew on interior surfaces is cleaned early in the storage season as well, before it has a chance to spread or cause permanent stains.

Morris 46RS
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